Idealist | Applied Researcher | Life Wide Learner | Collaborator

An idealist, big picture thinker, and life wide learner, you will be inspired to take intentional action and experiment with new ways in looking at instructional uses of technology, and see new potential for classroom application. You have a big plan. Your students, teachers, community, are the most important pieces. I see both the big plan and the details required to support the successes and pathways necessary. 

Let's be real. Teachers and students have a hard job. I will help you think bigger and ask better questions while leaving time to focus on what matters in classrooms and learning spaces. Illuminating possibilities, and activating the conversations about the potential ideas when you throw in a bunch of software and hardware applications.  I will challenge, encourage and inspire you to think deeper about your goals and outcomes. I’m a collaborator, ferociously curious and empathetic, and can’t help but see what’s happening between the lines.

You know you have questions and goals, but sometimes, you forget to ask why and you jump right to the what. Whether it is professional learning, training, long-term planning or implementation of technology programs, I can help. 

What should you expect?

I believe that professional development, coaching, and training is key to successful implementation of any technology programs. 

Whatever your blend of technology hardware and software, whether it is SMART Boards or a mix of hardware or software applications, having a solid foundation of understanding how to manage, apply in the classroom WITH students is essential!  I recommend a sustained model, not one day or even one-hour session, where teachers are in the drivers seat and provided various opportunities to engage and discuss the use, application and key learnings; and time for reflection and practice. You will leave you inspired with practical hands-on ideas; I will coach and mentor you if you are a reluctant teacher and often provide personal learning opportunities. 

Because every session, event and group is different, I prefer to customize a package or learning pathway that will meet the unique needs of the school, team or organization, including consultations before, during and after the event. Areas of expertise:

  • Proof of concept investigations
  • Long-term professional learning and implementation planning
  • Development of learning pathways for long-term growth and accountability
  • E-Coaching including virtual coaching & mentoring
  • Training and professional learning workshops on the following products or resources:
    • SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard
    • SMART Notebook Software - Basic, Intermediate & Advanced strategies (all versions v 11,14,15)
    • SMART Table Collaborative Learning Center
    • SMART Response VE
    • SMART amp Collaborative learning software
    • Making the most of the SMART Exchange
  • Library Media Center technology integration strategies
  • Levels of technology integration and effective immersion
  • Efficacy research
  • Development effective and engaging content for your IWBs
Looking for other ideas not listed? Let's chat!
"Heather is someone who is not only gifted at technology use, but also at inspiring others to use technology. Her presentation style is laid back, yet she is able to still excite her audience. From her presentations to conversations with her, Heather seems to always want you to understand not just how to do something or use something, but why you should – what benefit it has. That is the key that many presenters, especially when it comes to technology, seem to be missing – but it is one of Heather’s strongest areas"
~Glenn Cermak, Curriculum Manager at Qlik

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