Listen. Can you hear the wonder?

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I love new discoveries. I love connecting new knowledge to something familiar. I am curious… and I wonder. Do you?


Are you using Wonderopolis in your classroom or library? Have you tried using Wonder jars as an extension idea, to lead to lively discussions, inquiry, and curiosity and more questions.  What about the at home version or (printable) Family Wonder Jar? Wouldn’t it be cool, to share the family wonders; compare & contrast all of the types of wonder jar questions? 

Do you love Pinterest as much as I do? You can find the coolest shares, like Mrs. Wideen’s Blog and her end of year Wonder Jar idea. I found classrooms ideas for wonder walls, See ~ Think ~ Wonder diagrams and more!  For those of you using SMART amp in your classroom;  why not use a See-Think-Wonder activity & build a workspace template – digitize & capture student wonder. Making the learning visible! Have students share and socially negotiating their ideas bridging to discoveries and more questions.

Did you know there is even a hashtag for #wonderwednesday?

Take a look a look at this ‘wonder’fully different wonder jar.


Wouldn’t this be a great conversation starter for your next meeting, professional learning session?

What questions or objects will you include in your wonder jar?

Here’s to many happy wonders,

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