What’s luck got to do with it?


“The amount of serendipity that will occur in your life, is directly proportional to the degree to which you do something you’re passionate about combined with the total number of people to whom this is effectively communicated”


Jason Roberts described this as his Luck Surface Area (math people don’t get overly analytical about the whole reference to surface area… it doesn’t exactly compute)

Why Luck, why now, and what does this mean to me?  Besides Jason’s post about luck surface area, I stumbled across a great post by Marie Forleo (side note: she has become one of my fav’s as a go-to gal)

Clarity comes from engagement, not thought

And then it clicked. If you are at a crossroads in your own life, I encourage you to think about those words (of course check out Marie’s stuff!)In October 2015, after spending just over 8 years in a place that was familiar, but changing, I found myself needing more clarity. I engaged in many conversations about my ideas… and there it was…serendipity.clarityA transition is never easy and as I communicated with people about my passions & takeaways from the past 24 years as a classroom practitioner, ed consultant/marketing advocacy manager in the education space, I started brainstorming and jotting down ideas, practices, things that I knew I did well, and that I love…I found out or it confirmed a few things. I love working in the education space. The people. I love engaging with the students, teachers, administrators, manufacturers, developers and find the relationships and rewarding work these individuals are doing to help support the broad education spectrum a place I want to continue to be active. I support and thrive within an active community in my personal learning network. I love celebrating positive work vibes & culture; I find ways to acknowledge and celebrate the accomplishments of others and will be your biggest cheerleader as you set your own course of action. I know my way around a good piece of technology even if I don’t always read the manual first. I love to listen to people and their needs and together finding solutions to problems. I have a creative streak that goes pretty far. One of my newest discoveries is Design Thinking and I love the thought of ‘observing with your ears, not always just your eyes’. I will build a buzz & support your plan of action, and will always encourage some sort of tangible measures, goals, or objectives. I work hard to be organized & I like processes. I think we overuse the word collaboration. I start conversations with “why”. I love to research (umm, maybe a bit of the reason for the Ph.D. – oh, things are still on track for that also; consulting allows a bit of flexibility while writing my dissertation), I am very curious and inquisitive about the various learning preferences, how they impact our knowledge consumption and creation.And so with clarity… with passion and support of family and so many others; I have started an exciting journey, pouring my energy into all the things I love… as owner and chief engagement officer or officially, learning technologies consultant of Heather Lamb Consulting … serendipity?

What does this mean to you?  Heather Lamb Consulting focuses on asking the hard questions about teacher behaviors when seeking to integrate or innovate with technology; understanding how lesson design impacts student technology use and outcomes; evaluating how schools and districts are moving from A to B with their technology implementations; modeling, nurturing and supporting teachers with their professional development needs and classroom practices; listening and learning from the current trends and bringing ideas into action. I am also very keen on unpacking the newest research, finding out how, when and where it fits, the user experiences and needs of products, services and types of technologies in the K-12 learning spaces. As a longtime practitioner in the field, I understand first hand the impact technology can and should have in the teaching and learning process – how it can or should work within an entire ecosystem.

What else do I know? I have observed and heard things that make my heart so happy that have influenced who I am as an educator and why this decision is so important to who I am today. Like the time when the most reluctant teacher started to peek into my workshop and then stopped me in the hall, asked me what I was teaching and could I help her learn how to know more. Or that time when as I chatted with a couple of teachers about my webinars, one of them decided I looked just like my voice – cute and spunky (I took that as a compliment). Or when someone takes a big faith jump with me and my big ideas (like… um this one?). I have tons of happy heart moments and I know I will have many more! Those 16 years of experience as a K-5 educator and library media specialist have provided a great foundation and the credibility of talking the talk.

I hope you will come along with me on this journey and check out Heather Lamb Consulting. I would love to chat more about your ideas, brainstorm about your next big project. Let me answer your questions about a SMART product tip or trick or even other technologies. Let’s share a laugh or a story. Serendipity? I am counting on it! As I find more clarity and work through the mechanics of being an entrepreneur, I know there will be many great things to come and I am pretty darn excited.

With clarity,

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“Learning is not a thing. Learning is a process that occurs in an interpersonal and group context, and it is always composed of an interaction of factors to which we append labels such as motivation, cognition, emotion or affect, and attitude.”

~Seymour Sarason, 2004

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